The Packing List

What I have learned so far is that you want to carry as little weight as possible in your backpack. Brenda was kind enough to lend me her’s, which makes me very happy because I see it as a good talisman, so I must be very careful about how I fill it. Here is my initial list of ‘must haves’ which I am assured will be modified, dissected, reduced and relinquished along the way…

  • walking poles
  • sunglasses/reading glasses
  • hat
  • headlamp
  • fleece vest
  • rain jacket
  • long sleeve shirt
  • 2 sports bras
  • 2 tops
  • 2 pair zip-off long pants
  • 2 pair underwear
  • 3 pair socks
  • 1 slip cover for mattress or to sleep in
  • foam pad (accordian style)
  • shoes
  • flip-flops
  • poncho
  • eating utensils
  • first-aid kit/toiletries/supplements*
  • Euros
  • antibiotics
  • 2 bandanas
  • comb
  • wash cloth
  • Day Pack (lite foldable)
  • Back Pack
  • snacks
  • small lock
  • condensed guidebook

iPhone ( for GPS, camera, music, blogging, and emergencies) along with charger.

*In an organizer or Large ziplock bag: Compeed, Body Glide, earplugs, eyemask, Ibuprofen,castile soap bar, needle/thread, clothes/safety pins, shampoo/conditioner, sunscreen, toothbrush/paste, floss, deodorant, lip balm, band-aids, Arnica (soreness).Disposable razors.

Travel Documents:Passport, Pilgrim Passport and Emergency #’s, Health Insurance proof, credit card/ATM, notepad/pen,

When ever possible bring quick-dry items. Try to keep weight around 15 lbs! And fit it all in here:

Back pack

My newest purchase and favorite thing is this toiletry kit from ebags . It’s light weight but sturdy and you can hang it up to use and save space in tight quarters. It takes up a little more space in my backpack but I like having all my toiletries contained in their own bag.


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