On my journey towards getting fit and in shape for the Camino I had a little help from my friends! And family!


Today I hiked from Bell Rock to Schenebly Road with my friend Bobbie, 9 miles whew! That’s been my longest trek so far. The last mile cause our legs to tire but over all very doable.


My Camino buddy, my cousin Susie. We make a great pair! More on Susie later and her buddy Angelica (no pic of her yet).


My Tuesday hiking partner Kathy. I am recruiting hiking buddies 🙂


Bobbie and the gang! Bobbie leaves for her second Camino in two weeks! I will miss her company on the trails.


Linda and Bobbie the dynamic duo! Linda joined Bobbie last time for the last two weeks to Santiago de Compostelo! They were awesome!

IMG_2271 IMG_2582

Brenda is the first person I ever met that did the Camino. She was my initial inspiration and has helped me form my plan of attack 🙂




















Absolute Must Have for Camino! This guide by John Brierley, you will see more of it on the trails. There are many available but this is the best.









As you can see this blog is a work in progress, continually changing, as am I! In case you didn’t notice I have lost 25 lbs! My goal is another 20 before the trip or that may even happen on the trek!? We’ll see.















Soon I will share more of my training hikes with you. So far I have hiked in Sedona and California with Susie. Beautiful country! I love Arizona but Cali will always be home to me. This July I will hike some trails at the coast near San Clemente near the ocean breezes, I can’t wait!hiking

There are many apps you can use while training and I just wanted to mention the one I have come to use most. It is by Map My Fitness you can download it for free. I use it on my iPhone and use the version called Map My Walk. The GPS does not suck up the batterie life like some apps, it talks to you on your progress and it tracks routes and is  simple to use. It’s a great tool!


My Cousin Susie!

My Cousin Susie!

I wanted to introduce you to my hiking buddies. This is my cousin Susie Flores (with sister Patty in the background) and I have asked her to write a little something about how she got herself into this fix 🙂 Here is what she wanted to share:

My love of the outdoors led me to transition from traveling by horse to traveling on foot. In June 2012 my sister Patty and I started walking to stay healthy and fit. The family was planning a trip to Mammoth/Yosemite for a nephews wedding in August 2012. The plan was to hike up to Vernal falls with our kids as we did with our parents as kids many years ago. Of course we could not let our kids out walk us so we started out hiking about every other week. Sometime after our trip to Yosemite I saw the movie “The Way” which was about a father who went to Spain to recover his sons body after he died on “The Camino”. I decided then that I would like to try and do the walk with my husband Gary. Once I made the decision to go, I discussed it with Gary and he decided he would pass on the opportunity as his idea of roughing it includes hotels, nice beds and a shower. So I asked my sister Patty to go along and she too would prefer the comforts of a hotel. One day while my cousin Nilda was visiting I found out that she was also interested in doing the “Camino” and so the planning began. I have begun hiking as much as my full time job allows and have hiked with friends and family since last year. We have completed many hikes of all distances and elevations. I feel grateful that our parents had taken us on many camping trips when I was young which was followed by other outdoor adventures over the years so I feel prepared to somewhat rough it while on the “Camino”. My backpack is just about ready for the trip and I continue to learn more about what I should and should not be taking along.


Profile of Mark and Angelica coming soon!!

Along with Susie and I on the Camino de Santiago will be Angelica and Mark Deaner. Susie invited them to join us after finding out they were also interested in the Camino. Here is a little bit about them:

My husband (Mark) and I have decided to do the Camino De Santiago as a pre-cursor to hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.  We have always enjoyed the outdoors, especially hiking whenever we have the opportunity.  We hiked everywhere from Puerto Rico to Mexico to our stomping grounds here in California.

Mark is excited about walking the Camino through Spain as he feels there is no better way to see the country, meet the people, and experience the culture. As for myself, I’m looking forward to learning to simplify life and explore self-reliance.

We will continue to get to know each other and hike together occasionally until we leave for Spain. Our small group will form our walking community along with all the other pilgrims we meet along the way…

Mark and Angelica

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