Memorable Stuff

On this page I will attempt to keep track of memorable meals, people, places, and days. I have no idea what these will be only that it will be stuff that I want to revisit frequently! Stay tuned ūüôā


090812_4443Our first most memorable place was in Madrid. Just about the time Mike and I visited Cafe Central¬†at the suggestion of my cousin Martin (Champ) Velez, they were celebrating their 30th year of¬†Musica En Vivo.¬†A small, intimate cafe that serves food and drinks and has fabulous live music. We hear a quintet one night and return another night for the jazz of¬†Racalmuto.¬†Can’t wait to return for more great music. Visit their website:


Must have at least once in Madrid if you are a chocolate lover is the hot chocolate and churros at Chocolateria San Gines. They are open everyday 24 hours, but were a little hard to find near Plaza del Sol, but well worth it.  The churros are hot and crispy and one order is plenty for two people.The hot chocolate is thick and rich and you can even purchase a mix in a box to take home. I did! Delish!





San Sebastian is the place in Spain for foodies! Tapas, pintxos, seafood ! We share our favorite place where carnivores can get veal cheeks that melt in your mouth and their specialty, pigs ears, are amazing! Tiny place, with small menu on chalkboard but BordaBerri Bar is outstanding! No website. Located at Fermin Calbeton 12



On our first trip to Spain Mike wanted to visit the town of Girona. A beautiful town with great history but really for him the place where many cyclists live and train. We were glad we went. We happened on two amazing Farmhouse Inns just outside the city and had the places almost to ourselves. Moderately prices, out in the quite, remote countryside but the city and beach still accessible.

The first was Mas Ferran Hotel & Spa on 4 beautiful acres. Has 11 rooms and requires a 2 night stay minimum. The second Mas La Casassa also 11 room but more recently updated. The staff at both are very friendly and helpful. We would love to return to Sant Gegori just to stay there again. (You can find reviews of each on the internet).



Not to be missed is¬†La Boqueria Market¬†in Barcelona¬†on Las Ramblas. Established in 1217! You can spend an entire day there shopping, eating and mixing it up with the locals. They have market stalls that feature fruits, nuts, vegetables, fish, meats and more. You can even sign up for their Food School where the chefs are the most handsome of Spaniards ūüėČ It is magnificent and rivals any marketplace I have ever seen. Website:

Almost all the major cities have performances of flamenco and we chose to see one in the city of Sevilla¬†where we understood the dance to have originated. Our first experience was at a small intimate show near our hotel. It featured a single dancer, guitarist and soloist. Only about 30 people in attendance. It was remarkable! Sensual, with the audience totally caught up in the performance. (pictured below). While the second show we attended was had about a dozen dancers and multiple musician with a much more elaborate presentation of the classical dance, personally we preferred the smaller venue. Whichever you choose I don’t think you will be disappointed!


Flamenco in Sevilla

Flamenco in Sevilla

 Memorable Meals were had, from simple fresh fruits, to delish desserts to country faire to gourmet meals! To numerous to mention here but a picture is worth a thousand words:


The quiet village of Salema¬†in the Algarve¬†is a short drive from Lagos and to our mind a little gem of a paradise! We stayed in an apartment right on the beach and while our room as simple and small, it provided all we needed. It had a patio with a view and we had the beach almost to ourselves. Our stay included watching the fisherman come in each morning with their daily catch and a bread truck that provided fresh pastries daily. ¬†Our favorite restaurant there had fabulous fresh fish brought to your table on a large platter for you to choose from the catch of the day.¬†The son of the owner catches 60% of the fish on the menu himself.¬†If you’re really nice to me I could give you the name :). ¬†Oh alright, it’s Restaurante O Lourenco.¬†We loved Salema¬†so much we are returning this year for a full week stay.¬†It was the most affordable beach stay ever, which was an added treat!Fisherman Salema



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