On Carolina Sophie’s birth announcement Julia wrote:

“There will be hands that hold you 

And arms, in which you are safe 

And People who show you without questions

That you are welcome in this world”

…just like you did with our daughter. We want to thank you for that.

Our train ride to Lübeck took a couple of hours, we are surprised to be met by Julia’s father Michael. He takes us to our hotel where we have an hour of rest, then off we go to a very special dinner with her parents and brother Moritz. This is very possibly the best restaurant in town for classic German food. 

Not only was the food fabulous but it is a place with a 600 year old history. 

The following day we sleep in and after breakfast at the hotel we meet Julia and Lichen for a guided tour of the city. It is a damp rainy morning but that doesn’t bother us a bit! Our guide is Hans and he is quite knowledgeable. 

Lichen is not so interested. 

We enjoy the walking tour and the sightseeing and then find a lovely Chinese place for a light lunch. Along the walk we discovered plaques on the sidewalks honoring the holocaust victims from Germany. We pause to remember them. 

We are told by Hans this is the best bakery in town. We will return tomorrow to buy some bread for the train to Berlin. 

This was Lew Levin’s favorite stop for marzipan sweets. He stocked up big time!

The rain stopped, it was a great day!

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3 Responses to Lübeck

  1. Bruce B. says:

    Great pics! It’s good to see your blog again, Nilda. I don’t know any of these people but it looks like you all are having a wonderful experience. Cheers!
    [Your Sedona neighbor Bruce]

  2. How stunningly beautiful all of it. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely!

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