Beauty and the Beast

Yesterday was a full day of traveling on three trains and a ferry ride to arrive at Miyajima Island. It is a magical place with a rich history and a peace and serenity we have been fortunate to experience in abundance in this beautiful Japanese country. Our hotel is a very traditional one where we sleep on tatami mats, have ten course Japanese dinners, and have another world experience like no other. Our first afternoon we have free to walk around the island and then the next morning we meet our next guide Yoshiko who spend half the day walking us through the temples and shrines and giving us a history lesson the island. So much for the Beauty…


Our beautiful hotel



The surrounding gardens



Just one of our fabulous meals complete with Kimonos


Visiting the temple with our guide demonstrating how to prepare for it


The ceremony


Some of our other favorite spots.img_3265



Now for the Beast… in the afternoon we travel by train back to the city of Hiroshima. It is hard to imagine this pristine city, with it’s high-rise buildings and immacculate sidewalks ever having been visited by the Atom bomb. However unreal it may seem to us, as we visit the sights with the remains, the memorials and the Peace Museum we are confronted with a reality that forever will challenge our world to stop nuclear armament and become a place where peace and goodwill towards all beings is a reality. There are really no words to convey our feelings after being in Hiroshima…


A reminder for all time



A huge Thanks to Yoshiko for sharing this history with us

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3 Responses to Beauty and the Beast

  1. b says:

    Beautiful and looks like you are having a great time! hugs

  2. Mary Nyberg says:

    Sorry I haven’t commented the last few days as time got away from me. I look forward to relaxing with your blog each time it arrives. My oh my Japan is beautiful. In one of your blogs you were looking down on the city of Tokyo. I was wondering if you were in your hotel or where so very high above the rest. Keep enjoying, I’m loving your adventure. Hugs!

    • nildarcook says:

      Mary , yes Japan is more beautiful than I ever imagined! Worth the long flight to get here! We were at the top of their government building. Tokyo is the largest city Ihave ever seen😃

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