Imperial Citadel and World Heritage Sites

I haven’t mentioned that I developed a cold and cough almost immediately from the beginning of the trip. The pollution and the alternating from hot humid atmosphere to air-conditioned buildings took it toll on me with some days being worse that others. It causes me to skip some activities such as the bike ride everyone takes in Hue. The rest does me good so I am glad to have the option. The countryside is stunning as we move on to the Imperial Capital, Emperors tombs, and the Thien Mu Pagoda.img_2862img_2869img_2874

Our guide Jo demonstrates how and where ambassadors stood to represent before the Emperor.


After the historic sights we have such in a local nunnery, a peaceful, unique place outside of Hue.img_2964

We drive south in the afternoon to the town of Hoi An traveling along the coastline with breathtaking views over the pass into Da Nang city. img_2968

img_2978Our first stop there is the Cham Museum to view ancient sculptures and artwork.img_2974img_2971

In HoiAn we again stay at another La Siesta Hotel, which pleases us, as the grounds are beautiful. Mike and Ron spend the next day ride bikes along Cua Dai Beach while Linda and I do some shopping in the old city square.img_2979img_3019img_2992img_3012img_2987img_2993

Our favorite shop was Reaching Out a place where the proceeds benefit disabled individuals. It has amazing handcrafts and we meet the lovely workers their that could not have been nicer and are very proud of the work they do.


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5 Responses to Imperial Citadel and World Heritage Sites

  1. Mary Nyberg says:

    So sorry to hear of your virus. Take care. Love all your pics.

  2. Mary Lee Denton says:

    Hi Nilda,

    This has been such fun to travel with you from a distance. Hope you will be feeling 100% soon. Our love to you and your fellow travelers. Keep blogging.

    Mary Lee

  3. susieant says:

    Enjoying your journey. Lots to see. The City looks well kept.

  4. Sara Rubin says:

    Great photos ! OMG looks like lots of items made from fabric in your path! LOL I had a wonderful day at PIQF in Santa Clara – missed you !

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