Traveling to the Mountains

Our day was spent traveling to the mountain town of Sapa, a beautiful town that resembles more a European village at first sight, but that evolves into quite the tourist destination. The way was filled with splendid rice fields which we will trek through tomorrow.We enjoy another vietnamese lunch and arrive at the Sapa Dragon Inn. In the afternoon after freshening up we walk to Love Falls with our guide Tony.img_2735img_2065


Our second day in Sapa we take our van to the rice field valley village of Lao Chai. We travel a few miles by foot and meeting the people along the way is one of our favorite things. We see many different aspects of village life, the local schools were especially inspiring!img_2761

The chalkboard is an example of the penmanship to which the children aspire. The classrooms were bright and colorful welcoming spaces. Education is not free and still the people value it and find ways to help their children become educated.


Shoes are lined up outside the classroom

Along the way we met some interesting people.img_2776

At every turn were are greeted with smiles, and true affection and hospitality. Here is an example of the handdyeing and stitching up of accessories to be sold on the streets.img_2773img_2766img_2768

The people are hard at work not only on the land but making and selling had crafts. I get to try my hand at the sewing machine.


More to come…

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  1. Mary Nyberg says:

    I love how you have a hold of Mike telling him you are not letting go–great pic!

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