Rested and Ready

Nine hours of sleep last night after an exhausting travel day and we were ready to go sight seeing. We took a drive out to Tinh Hung Yen to visit a local family, have a cooking lesson and have a home cooked lunch. But first we visited the market place. It was very primative but provided anything and everything the local women would need to feed their families well.img_2722

We were greeted with smiles and curiosity from the locals. The women were warm and friendly, they allowed us to take pictures all the while giggling and delighted to see the shots of themselves. The most obvious quality is there open hearts.img_2721

After we arrived at the Mr. Mien’s home for lunch. A tiny man with a crooked smile welcomed us into his beautifully manicured garden. He immediately sitted us down for a cup of tea and answer all our questions about his life and family.img_2723

Everything about his home showed the pride he felt for his ancestery and heritage. After a life working the land he had turn to inviting tourist into his home, he was full of stories but he didn’t speak a work of English. That didn’t seem to curve his enthusiasm for sharing just the same through our guide Tony.img_2713

Like in every home he had a special alter for honoring his lineage.

After our tour of the garden we sat at the small outdoor table and were instructed on how to make spring rolls. We all had a hand at it and a few laughs as ours did not resemble the examples.We had a small feast of prepared by Mr. Mien’s two daughters. complimented by his son’s homemade rice wine.img_2716fullsizerenderimg_1358img_1758

After returning from the countryside we returned to Hanoi to make a few more stops. We visited the Hanoi Hilton, Hoa Lo Prison, were American prisoners of war were kept after the Vietnam war. Now a museum it brought to mind the pain and tragedy of that time in our mutual history. Only part of the prison exists today and the displays are somewhat controversial as they are presented as inmates having been treated well and unharmed. Like our time in Cuba we found it unsettling as Americans.img_1792

Linda and I made one more stop at the Vietnam Museum of Fine Art which we throughly enjoyed. Beautiful art and marvelous examples of the history of the country through the eyes of remakeable artist of the past and present. The boys went off to get some exercise at the hotels gym.

In the evening we had a night of touring the city for street food. Tony did a fine job walking us along the city streets, dodging traffic and getting a chance to experience the city at ground level. (Sorry no pictures too busy eating.)



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2 Responses to Rested and Ready

  1. Mary Nyberg says:

    Loved the market pics especially the live chickens. The home visit was most interesting–how was the rice wine. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful pictures. They make me smile! Thanks for sharing with us. xoxo

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