…More Summer


For the past 5 summers we have been spending our 4th. of  July weekend in So. California. It has become a highlight of the summer for us! It seems that the city of San Juan Capistrano has about the most amazing fireworks in the area. Think of this picture times a hundred!! Our old neighborhood has a lovely block party where everyone brings food and shares entertainment, i.e. karaoke, then as the sun sets they all settle down to view one of the most stupendous fireworks I have ever seen! Our friends Ron and Linda Martinez were able to join us this year and it was a memorable evening.Very impressive!

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On a quieter note, I had downtime too! I did more knitting in the evenings that I had ever done, it was a 4 sock summer! I also managed to enjoy a latte or two at my favorite morning stop, after my 3 miles of walking of course, Ellie’s Table is so great and this year they will be opening another location in San Juan Capistrano in a historic old home called The Egan House downtown. I cannot wait to go return and visit their new location. Although the original is were I begin and end my beach walks.IMG_2375

Left to right: Linda Martinez, Jeanne Beaumont, Kathy Levin and Maria Sanchez with Noah

Then there were my dearest friends who were willing to come and spend some time keeping me company. We shopped and talked… and walked the beach and talked…and had lunch and dinner and talked… and I even managed to make some new friends like Dana and Steve from down the street as they would bring their dog Pancho over for a play date with Charlie. Lastly, Maria and Noah met us in San Diego (we have been InstaGram friends for some time) and we had the opportunity to get to know each other better.  I adore them and their lovely family. We visited the Air and Space Museum together and chatted about our lives, Noah was so well behaved and fun! These are the memories I will  cherish.

My friend Kathy and I spent one day in Pasadena. It  is where she grew up and I wanted to see her old stomping grounds. I saw her childhood home, where she attended church and we even squeezed in a visit to the Norton Simon Museum. I could have spent the entire day there! It was a wonderful afternoon well worth the drive into the city.


Lastly I want to mention Casa Romantica near the San Clemente Pier. A home built by the founder of the city and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I had never been there and found it to be an interesting part of the history of the area. The views  were stunning and we were even treated to a concert by a small Quartet! IMG_2278

Thank you again Jim and Tove and Charlie for a wonderful summer experience!!

Adios San Clemente until next year!

Coming soon: Our next adventure will be up the coast of California!

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