Summer 2016


Returned to beautiful San Clemente,CA. as the Siegers head off to their family vacation in Norway once again!! Thank you for trusting me with your home and garden and Charlie!

Jim and Tove Sieger

Jim and Tove Sieger

This year it was for about 7 weeks of mild beach weather allowing me a reprieve from the high heat temperatures of Arizona. Each year seems to be progressively hotter than the last so I had no complaints of the cool and misty mornings. Some days the clouds lingered  and the skies eventually cleared by 11 a.m. It made perfect weather for my morning walks along the beach path.

I had memorable days with family and friends and my husband was able to come for several short stays while still working remotely. It was a fun-filled and very busy time.


Charlie was waiting for me just as if I had never left! She is mellowing with age as are most of us. She maintains her usual lizard-chasing efforts, her sleepy afternoons, her vigilant guarding of the gates and yard and always wanting my attention whether watching television or sleeping at the foot of the bed at night… we even shared a few showers together! I love that doggy and always miss her upon my return home.

Mike and I had fun discovering some new places to eat and highly recommend, Sol Agave and El Campeon Taqueria for mexican food. The latter is a walk-in place in San Juan Capistrano that cannot be beat for authentic mexican food and local atmosphere with a bakery and store next to it. And as always we went for our standard favorites for sushi too, Gen Kai in Dana Point and Samurai in Solano Beach. Another new experience was an evening out to Belly Up in Solano Beach to listen to live music.


Charlie makes a new friend in the Babe, my brother’s dog.

One day we set out for the Birch Aguarium at Scripps. Attachment-1

We also enjoyed the Car Show By the Sea wonderfully located on the main street in downtown San Clemente! I believe this usually corresponse with their festival time and it is not to be missed if you are a car lover.


I found the beaches to be especially beautiful this year. Each morning the sounds of the ocean were my best companion and the most perfect way to begin my day!

More adventures tomorrow!Attachment-1 2


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2 Responses to Summer 2016

  1. Mary N says:

    Glad you are back blogging. I have missed it and you. Love the pics from CA–would love to go there for a rest. Hugs!

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