More on Cuba

Several people have asked for more photos of our trip to Cuba and since it is fresh in my memory still. Here are a few more shots of the island.

IMG_1322The famous Malecon on a cloudy day from the lawns of the Hotel Nacional where usually you will find hundreds of tourist and locals walking it’s lenghty avenue. Unfortunately it was closed off because of storms that had blasted sand and sea water onto the boulevard. Also, toward the far left of this picture is where the government free concerts and the American Embassy are located.

One of the other cities we visit outside of La Havana was the lovely and colonial city of Trinidad. Below is the central square and not far from there is a lovely restaurant where we had dinner and lunch a couple of times. Just above it is a plaza where music and dancing goes on late into the night.IMG_1421IMG_1420

While we were there I was surprised to walk into town and find a parade taking place. It seems each year they celebrate the birthday of Jose Marti, their national hero, poet and revolutionary. It was curious to me that our guide never made mention of this and therefore my surprise. Upon our return to Havana we saw on the news that this event was a very big deal and there had been thousand of people in the streets along with President Raul Castro and others parading down the Malecon. It would have been a sight to see but I was satisfied to see the locals of this small town just the same.IMG_1417


Another town photo of Vinales where we spent a couple of days and would have loved to spend more time. Here you see how the locals get around, not as many vintage cars to be found out in the countryside.


Back in Havana we visited the capital’s Cathedral which was in the more prosperous part of the old city. IMG_1357


Coming next month: A visit to California where we will be celebrating my mother’s 90th. birthday. Looking forward to it!!

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2 Responses to More on Cuba

  1. susieant says:

    Beautiful and colorful photos. Amazing trip.

  2. Kathy Levin says:

    Such lovely photos and memories.

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