Our last day with Intrepid Group

Here we are with our group celebrating our final day. Our Intrepid trips are always best remembered for the amazing people we meet and bond with, however fleeting it might be, for me all the gorgeous sights in the world mean nothing without people to share it with! It was a stellar experience and we enjoyed our group, our guide and or driver Alvaro who rescued us from the Border! Pura Vida!!!

When we arrived in Panama City we have lunch and then make a mad dash to tour the Canal facilities before the next ships pass through.

No pictures can do it justice but the opportunity to see it in person is not to be missed, it is an engineering wonder! It also opened my mind to the sacrifice of multiple cultures that created this connection between the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean Sea. The museum there was especially well done!

We did a drive by of the Bio Museo which Mike and I will return to on our own.

The skyline of Panama City is spectacular! This was one of my favorite buildings a real architectural feat!     

A quick tour of El Cascó Viejo left us wanting more.


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2 Responses to Our last day with Intrepid Group

  1. carmen maldonado says:

    A tu papá le hubiera encantado uno de esos sombreros y a mí un almuerzo con las viandas, yautia, malanga, etc. Con bacalao.😘😘😝

    Sent from Gudy’s iPad


    • nildarcook says:

      Caminando por aquí e pensado mucho con ustedes porque le viera encantado este país y la gente de Panamá también. Mucho de la cuidad se parece a partes de Puerto Rico y también ain muchos Puertorriqueños aquí.

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