Wandering requires stepping out into the world, trusting it has something good in store. Travel requires trust in people and in the unknown and, for me, in my God. Mike and I would rarely allow fear to dictate our choices but choose to trust. That means the recognition that some times bad things will happen.  
Mike safely in Panama!

Our experience at the border in Panama has been left behind but will not be forgotten. Having had a great reunion with our friends and settled into the town of Boquete, we open ourselves up for a great day at the local Festival de Flores.

 Young girls performing at festival.

 Our beautiful retreat awaited us.

 Lots of shared laughter and beautiful sights.

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1 Response to Panama

  1. So glad this sounds like you are integrating your experience, not forgotten, but not so much leaving scar tissue either. Good for you guys! Love, Robin

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