Crossing the Border 

Our guide had forewarned us of difficulties crossing the border into Panama, strict officials, lots of questions, checking and rechecking details and luggage before granting passage, but nothing prepared us for the reality. While  most of the group pass through efficiently, NOT so my husband.  img_1128
The result was our group continues through without us and we had to spend an extra night in Costa Rica after 7 hours at the border patrol, paying a steep fine to obtain entry and missing the day’s activities. While finally a compassionate official was able to explain the conditions needed for us to proceed, we were able to continue the next morning into Panama. As always our Intrepid guides were there to walk us through the ordeal and reconnect us with our group. What could have been a disaster and rather unpleasant circumstances was resolved.

Our group was elated to see us, as we were seeing them! The adventures continue or should I say misadventures?

WARNING: Upon our final departure from Panama, the officials were not stamping our passport and when we questioned them and explained our previous difficulties the immigration officer stated that all the surrounding countries around Panama were well aware that they  NEVER stamp a passport upon exit?!? Really? Then how could she explain the heavy fees we were charged? She could not. Would extortion be too strong a word?)

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