Rain Forest

The Esquinas Lodge is located deep in the forest, miles from anywhere. It is quaint, simple and somewhat primitive but just to our liking.

Our first adventure starts out with a walk 2 miles into the rain forest to take photos and explore the area. Have you ever seen the rain approaching from a distance and, before you know it , you are in the center of the storm? There we are! We climb up and down the trail tramping, slipping and sliding, enjoying ourselves with both joy and trepidation. It is a great moment but so is the moment we arrive at the resort once again. Here we are with our Guide, Vender.

We return soaked through and through but elated and some of us have a drink at the bar to laugh about the afternoon’s adventure. We return to our rooms to relax before our evening meal.

Our dinner is full of lively conversations recounting another great day.

  Jackie and Sin
Our guide Vender

Bridget,Valda and Lesley


(These were actually breakfast photos 😉 )

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