Trogon Lodge

Another surprise while traveling to Los Santos Forest Reserve was this female sloth crossing the road, while not exciting for my first video, this was a curious sight:

Our destination was down about three miles, deep in a lush, green valley. Trogon Lodge was very beautiful with trails leading to waterfalls, rare birds, and brilliant flora and fauna. The grounds themselves encouraged a serene, relaxed environment like a taste of paradise!

We take a short hike in the late afternoon to orient ourselves to the surroundings.

The next morning we set out with a guide for some bird watching. We mostly discovered the local variety of hummingbirds, toucanetts and woodpeckers but the Quetzals , which is the national bird, alluded us until the following morning. Our guide Grayvan had a high-powered telescope that allowed us to get some nice shots.

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One Response to Trogon Lodge

  1. Kathy Levin says:

    I’m remembering our trip to CR now and the extraordinary array of large and tiny brilliantly colored hummingbirds and one lone toucan sited as well. Enjoying your blog!

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