Costa Rica

Arriving in Costa Rica Mike and I are experiencing some ‘stomach distress’ and adjust our schedule to allow for some down time. I sleep most of the first afternoon and Mike ventures out to the central Plaza for a look around. Later we stick to soup and rice, eating light so by the next day we are ready to see some of what San Jose has to offer. 

After breakfast today we visit the National Museum which is situated near a nice park and includes a Butterfly Garden. It is small with limited exhibits but interesting just the same.  

In the afternoon we choose to relax back at the hotel until it’s time to meet with our Intrepid group in the evening. There are couples from Australians, Ireland, New Zealand, and a single man from Canada. The group gathers for dinner at a local place downtown. I am definitely underwhelmed by the city after dark, it’s streets are deserted except for the homeless and local street vendors, it seems to me not a place to be, dirty and unsavory. I look forward to being with these new companions out in the country, beach or rainforest instead. 

The next morning the group gathers for breakfast feeling much more familiar. Actually, several of the people know one another after having been together for the previous week on another tour of Costa Rica. The plan today is to board our van and head out of town to Cartago the once original capital city.  

 It is a splendid day with high clouds. We stop to visit the old ruins of what was to become a magnificent cathedral but instead became an abandoned project somewhere along the line.  

The second stop is the Basilica Nuestra Madre de Los Ángeles, where pilgrims set their sights on miracles and answered prayers and for the moment Sunday Mass was taking place.    

Our next stop is for lunch at a beautiful spot overlooking the valley.  

Some friends we meet along the way! 


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2 Responses to Costa Rica

  1. Kathy levin says:

    Hope the Monteverde rain forest is on your itinerary! Sending love to you both.

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