Our Last Day in Bogota

Today we depart for Costa Rica this afternoon but before we leave we make one last stop to visit the public hospital where Maria works twice a week. She is a pediatrician and divides her time between a small clinic and the local hospital. This was for us is one of the most moving highpoints of the trip. I brought a small gift of a box of crayons for each child and if they were old enough and/or well enough I gave them one.

Part of her shift is in the equivalent of our ICU  in the States. We also met a few of her co-workers, young girls similar in age. I asked if I could approach each bed and silently pray for child and she agreed. There was nine year old, Sebastian, who was suffering from malnutrition with an intestinal issue. He was emaciated but nonetheless with a smile to light up the sky….a small infant slept hooked up to tubes and wires, yet undiagnosed, fighting for his life…a child only months old with a cherub face, whom as soon as l approach his bed looked pleadingly and his crying clearly asking to be relieved from his agony…a just days old infant with a tracheotomy…a small girl appeared to be ready to be leased for home. On the other wing were a multitude more with various issues. One boy had fallen in the river and nearly drowned but now safe with his mother, clearly recovered. From those I received big smiles all around and they loved their little gift. Maria knew them all by name.

What heartbreaking work, I am in awe of Maria, while she simply states that the rewards come daily as they are able to make a difference in many lives. From the moment we met I always knew she was an ANGEL, this confirmed it!

We head for the airport, sadly, regretting the time went so quickly. We resolve to return and experience more of this wonderful country. With a great heartfelt ‘Gracias’ to Maria and Rodrigo!!

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One Response to Our Last Day in Bogota

  1. Kathy Levin says:

    I’m at the airport for my return flight home from the TJ mission trip. Many beautiful moments and lchildren who know they are loved.
    Just catching up on your travels. Very moved by your hospital experience.
    I have something for you from a contemplation center run by 6 sisters affiliated with Mother Teresa.
    Be safe my friend.

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