Off and running…

After 12 hours at the airport and two sleepless nights we have arrived in Bogota. Maria meets us at the airport and we zip along the mostly deserted roads into town. She explains the road don’t normally look like this, instead bumper to bumper traffic, but this time of year many people are out of the city vacationing and so we benefit from it. While we are quite jet lagged we chose to make the best of the morning and her day off. We arrive at her tiny but beautiful apartment and leave our bags and head out walking to see the city. Which is a mix of old and modern buildings and a nice surprise, not quite what we imagined. (Pictures to come.) After we find a lovely place for breakfast and start sampling the local food. The produce here is abundant and many of the fruits and veggies are new to us.20160103_090737_resized20160103_105903

The city greets us with the perfect day, high clouds and blue sky! A few hours of visiting craft stalls along the way we discover we are running extremely low on energy and settle into our hotel to take a much needed nap. We stay at a beautiful local hotel, Club House Bogota. Several hours later we join Maria and her boyfriend Rodrigo for dinner and a walk around a local park where the decorations of Christmas are still arrayed as the holiday continues here for Dia De Los Reyes.

Daytime in park

Daytime in park


We had a nice dinner catching up on each others lives. Maria practiced her English and Mike attempted to dicipher our ‘spanglish’! Rodrigo was charming!

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