Day Two

Attachment-1 2After a nice leisurely breakfast at our hotel this morning Maria picked us up and we headed for La Candelaria region of town with patterned streets that climb from the Plaza de Bolivar , colorful homes, important historic buildings and great places to eat!

One of my favorite Colombian artist, Fernando Botero, happens to have a museum, Botero Museo, in the area so it was with great excitement that I got to view his talents this morning, I throughly enjoyed this beautiful museum…

Maria and me in the museo courtyard

Maria and me in the museo courtyard

Attachment-1 3

The Plaza is known for all kinds of demonstrations but on this day we were blessed to have very few people strolling around. Again the weather was beautiful and mild. Here is my favorite picture of the day:


As Maria had to go to work, Rodrigo played tour guide and gave us more insight into the history of the area and we had great discussions on what daily life in Bogota is like. We had a marvelous lunch at Fulanitos Restaurant!


We return to our hotel exhausted but very satisfied!

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3 Responses to Day Two

  1. Mary Nyberg says:

    I have forward your blog to a friend of mine in MN. She is going to Bogota in February with a group some of whom have gone b 4. It is a church group to work with children I wanted her to see the pics. Loved your photos. Gosh, you are a world traveler. I am curious why you had to spend 12 hours at Sky Harbor-I can’t imagine doing that. Hope you had a club privilege! Take care. I look forward to next blog.

    • nildarcook says:

      Mary your friend will be cherished I am sure as there are many poor and underprivileged in the country. We of course have not dealt with that but my friend is a pediatrician and on Wednesday we are visiting a local hospital to hand out little gifts to the kids there. She says it will bring real joy no matter how small the gifts.
      I will tell you I can blame my husband for the delay but that is a story for another day😉

  2. Linda says:

    wonderful photos!! enjoy that sunshine – we have rain all day and for the rest of the week.
    Robin did well today at her session.

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