Lucky Girl…

How blessed I feel to have the friends I have, the opportunities to travel and visit with them, and the good fortune that they are as loving and generous to me as family! I just returned from a visit with my friend Sara ( you have seen her visiting me in Cali this summer) from her home in Alameda, CA. She and her husband Charlie welcomed me into their home with open hearts and arms. From the moment I arrived we were off and running visiting Oakland, San Francisco and the surrounding area.

There were so many great moments to share but I will just stick to the highlights. Our first day Sara acquainted me with local downtown Alameda, some beautiful historic homes and her favorite shopping areas. Here are just two of my favorite homes:

IMG_0373 IMG_0374

We ended the day with a relaxing stop at Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden and headed home to rest up for the next day’s adventures.

Day Two, we traveled to Muir Woods about an hour and a half away. We found the trail along with a few hundred other people. The scent of the pines was my first invitation into the woods, it was majestic and beautiful!

IMG_0378 IMG_0382


After our hike we ventured out to Stinson Beach where we had lunch with the seagulls!

Day Three, we headed for the Pacific International Quilt Fest XXIV! This is one of the best quilt shows in the country. There must have been a thousand entries but I snapped 132 photos of just my favorites. Here is just a sample of the talented fiber artist there:IMG_0470 IMG_0460 IMG_0424

This final quilt was shot from three angles, head-on you see Oprah, standing from the left you see Mother Theresa, and standing on the right you see Jacqueline Kennedy, it was so innovative and beautifully done. IMG_0468



There were hundreds more, all exceptional. Needless to say we left totally inspired and itching to get quilting!

Day Four, Sara arranged for us to go on a Sidewalk Food Tour of the Mission District in San Francisco! Oh my goodness, aside from the good eats we were treated to some history of the area and enjoyed the architecture and some street art as well.IMG_0589



Our tour guide Casey was excellent and well-informed and we would love to do another area of the city with her on a future visit. I could go on and on with lots more pictures but I will just wrap it up with some of the food! Our favorites Ali BaBa’s Falafel, Dandelion Chocolate,  Craftman and Wolves Bakery, Delfine’s and Tartin.

IMG_0580 IMG_0586

IMG_0537 IMG_0539 IMG_0554 IMG_0543

Lastly I want to mention where we began our tour in front of The Writing Center 826 Valencia, a place where children 6 thru 18 learn the love of reading and writing.  A phenomenal program for underprivileged kids. If you’re interested hit the link Pirate Store and learn more about how to help keep the program growing.IMG_0536

We walked miles, rode BART, laughed and ate our way through the week. Sara made it all happen, while Charlie watch us come home each night exhausted but so satisfied! Thank you again Sara for a wonderful experience!

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  1. Jo says:

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing in such detail about activities and food spots!

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