Lake Tahoe

Exploring Lake Tahoe this week and we are blessed with spectacular weather! Arrived last night and even though the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn, the evening was just a slight tad on the cool side. This morning we joined my cousins Norma and Mario, with their spouses along with her daughter Paulette with her spouse Brad and friends, for the Candy Dance Craft Fair in Genoa. (See details at Town of Genoa)image

Genoa is a quaint little town just literally down the road from Tahoe. We arrived early with several in the group enjoying a Bloody Mary breakfast. I headed for the coffee stand!

We then took this group picture and went our separate ways for a few hours to browse the booths and shop. We regrouped around 10 o’clock planning to stay til noon but the sun was hot and we left early. This is very popular event in it’s 95th year! Here are a few of my favorite sights:imageimage

Above Mike and I in the oldest salon in the county. The dog is my dream dog. I did not take pictures of the booths as there were hundreds and could not choose which to feature but of course took the one of the quilts. Returning to the lake area we find Sprouts Cafe for lunch which we would highly recommend, delicious and healthy, but go early as it is quite popular!image

We then took a ride around the lake and as you can see from theses photos the water levels are down just like most in California. I read that in Nevada nine countries are primary natural disaster areas because of the drought. In this last set of pictures you can see where the water level used to be! Extremely saddened to see this but the lake was beautiful nonetheless and I will take more pictures soon.image

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  1. susieant says:

    Great pics. So sad the water situation.

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