Mea Culpa…

Today is August 30 and as I look back at this blog I see that I only posted once in July and nothing thereafter until today. What’s up? I have languished this summer away, on the one hand, and yet really did have loads of fun and a wonderful time in California! I did lay low, relaxed much more than in previous years, I hiked less but did get in my daily walks on the beach, I had a little company and my family came by several times for dinner and a BBQ, I missed some opportunities to have more friends visit and involve myself in more activities by choice,  but most unfortunately I have failed to share it with you and for this I apologize. Here are a few pictures of my days:



A small harvest of veggies

A small harvest of veggies

Breakfast with Sara

Breakfast with Sara

A Quiet Morning Knitting

A Quiet Morning Knitting

Another Beach Sunset

Another Beach Sunset

My Brothers with Wives and My Mom

My Brothers with Wives and My Mom at our BBQ

I can only reason that after our epic trip to India and Nepal I needed to decompress, refresh myself, and experience some introspection, spending most of my time with my thoughts and feelings. As  you can see I didn’t even take many photos. But I promise to do better. We have several trips in the works… some short and sweet (like a visit to Portland and Lake Tahoe) and some major ones (like traveling to the countries of Columbia and Panama) so the blog will pick up momentum as the year progresses. Thanks for your faithfulness to my musings and I want you to know I really do enjoy sharing my life travels in this unique way with you. All the beauty in the world is meaningless without sharing it with the ones you love!


I am back in Sedona enjoying the last of our ‘Monsoon’ weather, feeling refreshed, and challenge by what lies ahead. In fact I had a new experience just yesterday with my best friend Linda, we went out to a local vineyard owned by another mutual friend and arrived at 6 a.m. to spend 3 hours picking grapes! This harvest of over a ton of grapes will produce their very own label of wine. It was such a pleasure to be part of this annual event!




This is Linda Rachel standing before the harvest of over 50% more grapes (over a ton total) than last year. She and her husband John hope to continue this annual event and produce more beautiful wines! I was thankful to have the experience.IMG_0015


I hope to reward your patience with more pictures of our further adventures soon! So don’t neglect to check the blog and I promise not neglect to post.

Especially wishing you all as wonderful a summer!

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3 Responses to Mea Culpa…

  1. kathy levin says:

    Count me in for a trip to CA next year and an extra hand picking grapes in the Verde Valley!

  2. Siegers says:

    Hi Nilda, I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing you and your family enjoying each other at our house. Picking grapes at the vinyard looks fun. I hope you get to taste the wine too. Thanks again for all you did for us this summer!

    Hugs from Jim and Tove

    From Tove


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