It finally is summer. After some pretty mild weather in the beginning of June, the heat is ON! We are experiencing heat reaching triple digits and we are making good use of our new outdoor patio. In just a couple of weeks I am off to California to house-sit for my friends and be with my beloved Charlie the dog ! Hope to enjoy the ocean and maybe get some relief from this heat. I really look forward to my time there and this year my husband will join me, some of the time, which will make it more exciting! Looking forward to sharing lots of pictures with you all. More recently my mother has been visiting here in Sedona for about a month and we are having a great time!  We get out walking, having lunch and generally just enjoying the town.   She just celebrated her 89th. birthday and as a belated present we took a trip out to Winslow, AZ. While this was new experience for her and the weather was rainy we had a wonderful time. I highly recommend La Posada Hotel for the lovely ambiance, history and incredibly delicious food at the Turquoise Room. The restored 1929 railroad hotel has a great southwest feel and the extra bonus of some great artwork by the owner’s wife.      Another highlight of her visit was when my sons were here for the week in celebration of Father’s Day and we all participanted in learning to make a traditional Puerto Rican meal of Arroz con gandules, Tostones, and Pasteles. She out did herself and we had the best meal ever!  IMG_2184 Wishing every good dad I know a blessed, well-deserved, love filled Happy Father’s Day!

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2 Responses to Summertime!

  1. MaryJ says:

    What a beautiful blog–pictures so wonderful–your Mom looks great and sons so handsome. What a nice tribute to Mike to be altogether for Fathers Day. I will look forward to some CA and Charlies pics soon. Gods Blessings….Mary

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