Visiting Buddha on the way to Chitwan

Just wanted to share again the beauty of the India women. We are all aware of the Bollywood stereo-type but average women on the streets will take your breath away too. These were all from small villages.

We have now entered Nepal and are at the believed birthplace of Gautama Buddha. People come here for pilgrimage and it’s one of four holy places for them. A beautiful and peaceful place.IMG_1907 (1) IMG_1908 (1) IMG_0878 (1) IMG_0869

We enter Chitwan National Park where we will spend two days. We will do a day safari into the park where we will see rhinos, deer, monkeys and birdlife. It is a very hot day but well worth the effort.


The children loved seeing us everywhere we went!

But first one of my favorite activities of the trip was a simple bike ride around villages and rice fields. It was a cool morning and just spectacular!IMG_1967 IMG_1968

Our accommodations were lovely and centerally located so we could walk to shops and restaurants and even down to the river.

Royal Park Hotel

Royal Park Hotel

A typical room for two!

We head down river for the beginning of our safari day.IMG_1970 2

On the Rapt River

On the Rapti River

IMG_0915 IMG_0931 IMG_0982

In the park we spend the night along the river and have a great meal with a local family.IMG_0946 IMG_0948 IMG_0940

Our Suite for the evening!

Marilyn Relaxing after a full day.

Our Suite for the evening!

Our Suite for the evening!

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