Lumbini to the Nepalese Border

Our spa day!

Our spa day!


Before we head to the Nepalese border we decide to have an afternoon of leisure for some TLC. We head to one of the nicer resorts where we can swim in the pool, have a massage, pedicure or as most of us ladies chose to do, put on some henna! It was great fun. The girl was a beautiful artist and it was a first for most of us. After we gathered in the bar for some food and drinks. The youngsters lean heavy on the drinks and around 11 p.m., with my husband in tow, they all go to the local McDonalds for some late-night snacks of burgers! I am snug in bed.

I must say something about transportation in India. As you can see from the picture above they like to use their horns in India. Not just a ‘beep beep’ but a full on BLAST on the horn to warn of passing, demonstrate frustration at slow drivers, caution pedestrians, or just on a whim. Therefore the honking NEVER stops in the city. Also, every square foot of the roads in the city are occupied with either a vechicle, animal or person. Tuk-tuks are in abundance and a risky way to get around. Be warned you take your life in your hands on these motorized rickshaws, especially at night!

As we journey on to the border of Nepal the scenery is beautiful, with less traffic, wide open spaces and from village to village we see a different landscape. Here are some of my favorites:


Family on a motorbike

Family on a motorbike


Standard mode of travel in villages by young and old

Standard mode of travel in villages by young and old

Along they way we are stranded for a couple of hours but not to worry help was on the way thanks to Anand!

Broken fan belt!

Broken fan belt!

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