A Word About Intrepid Travelers

It’s time I introduced our fellow Intrepid travelers to you. They were not only intrepid in name but, in fact, in spirit!

Visiting Nehru's House in Allahabad

Visiting Nehru’s House in Allahabad

From left to right: Carolin from Chile, Amanda from Australia, Fran from Australia, Marilyn from Australia, Gianni from Italy, Maria from Colombia, Sofia from Mexico, next was our driver not our guide (do not have his name), my husband Mike, Victoria from Australia, Myself, Emma from England and finally Connor from New Zealand.

One of the reasons we enjoy Intrepid Travel so much is that they book a wide range of ages on each trip. Our ages ranged from 19 to 65 years, which made for a very great balance of youthful enthusiasm and moderate reserve. Actually, not true, as no one was reserved on this trip! What we find is that we prefer the adventure aspect of these tours very much.

The company keeps the number of the group to around a dozen people. They book three levels of accommodations from basic to comfort and use all modes of transportation. They rate their trips according to activity levels as well. And best of all they use local guides and give back to the communities they serve. All in all, it is a very flexible attitude towards travel and one Mike and I highly recommend! We cannot say enough good things about them and their associates. It’s not just a vacation, it’s an adventure!! To see their website click here.

We also cannot say enough about this wonderful group of people pictured here. We had three Latinas, forever chatting in Spanish. Four Aussie’s from different parts of their county. Only two males along with Mike on this trip. We laughed, we cried, we shared our hearts, and we were fearless together!!  And thanks to God, survivors!

(I have already mention the phenomenal job our guide did so be sure to scroll back and see him and more pictures of the trip)

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One Response to A Word About Intrepid Travelers

  1. Joanne Blatt says:

    What a great trip you had! I loved the pictures and was so relieved that you arrived home safely! The earthquake was something…..Praise God that you survived. Hope to talk with you soon


    Sent from my iPad

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