Wanted to share my homecoming with my dear Sedona sisters. We call ourselves the Wolfpack. Our sister Marylee, now living in Oregon is missing from the picture but she joined us by Skype. If you haven’t yet, come see  the blog archives for April, as I am posting  updated pictures of our trip.

Dear Sisters,

THANK YOU! Mike and I felt your profound love yesterday and it has set us on the road to healing the memories of this past week’s experience. THANK YOU! For the laughter that I longed to hear with you once more. THANK YOU! For the food that was so delicious and physically nourishing but made oh so much better by our sharing of it. THANK YOU! For your words of wisdom and consoling gestures they traveled deeply to my soul. THANK YOU! For all that you add to my wellbeing and spirit, you ARE the best friends in the world!!!
Lastly I look at the picture of Nate with the quilt and reread what Ed wrote and again marvel at the love we all share! It brings tears to my eyes…
(I am having it framed this week and putting it in my sewing room!)

With a grateful heart that is overflowing,

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