India and Nepal Update…

I am more than happy to say Mike and I, and our fellow travelers have survived the ordeal of the earthquake in Nepal!

After what for us was 2 days of negotiating the airport chaos in Nepal and then 2 days of flights, we returned to the USA safe and sound! I have not heard back from all our friends but we are praying they are all safe at home now. I will be posting the full trip to the blog as soon as I can in the upcoming week.

The events of our final day did not diminish the time we had, nor the friendships we formed, and I can unequivocally said it was the most unforgettable trip of our lives.

Thanks to many, many people that made our safe departure possible. Especially to our Intrepid guide and all-round phenomenal person Anand Kapil who went above and beyond the call of duty. We will forever hold him in great esteem! 64202_10151731736133577_50316912_n

More coming soon…

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3 Responses to India and Nepal Update…

  1. Hi Nildar: I am so very glad to learn that you and husband are safely returned to the USA!! I
    have been worried about you. We do not know each other personally, however, I love your
    blogs. I am Gloria Fenton, the aunt of Sharon Angelo in Sedona. Where in the Nepal area,
    were you and husband when this devastating earthquake hit?
    Take good care and I am so glad you are ok.

    • nildarcook says:

      Thank you so much Gloria! Although we do not know each other, I consider Sharon a very special person and so know you must be too! We were in Katmandu. I will share more on the blog.

  2. Mary says:

    Each day I have been looking for your blog knowing that then I knew you were safe. Praises to God you are safe AND home. God’s face shined on you. I will look forward to hearing from you. Rest now and realize all your blessings. Hugs for you.

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