Last Days in Orchha

More of my favorite pictures from the Orchha Palace:
IMG_1954 IMG_0097 IMG_1952

On our last day in Orchha we visit a local school in one of the primitive villages there. The children showed off their talents singing, and reciting poems.


10 year old with angelic singing voice sang for us.

10 year old with angelic singing voice sang for us.

One of the men demonstrated how they make pottery and we had an opportunity to try it ourselves.


Joyous Maria!

Joyous Maria!

Shopping was one of the activities the girls in the group really enjoyed. We make quick friends with the local vendors!
IMG_1847 IMG_1955
In keeping with days full of activities we also go to a local home for a cooking class for dinner. One of the qualities I most admire of the Indian culture is their hospitality. We were made to feel very welcomed and had a lovely time.
( Given the challenging nature of this trip I apologize now for the disjointed postings. As I blog post-trip it has been harder to keep track of events. Also, I will introduce you to my wonderful Intrepid traveling companions very soon.)
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6 Responses to Last Days in Orchha

  1. Joanne says:

    Has anyone heard from Nelda? I’m worried…

    • nildarcook says:

      Joanne, We are home safe and sound. I will be posting to the blog soon and will call you in a few days. We are catching up on three sleepless nights and all the travel. Much love and appreciated prayers!

  2. Sara Rubin says:

    Happy to hear that you are in Nepal. The adventure continues. I hope you are both feeling 100% so you may make the most of your trip ! Looking forward to reading more of about your adventure.

  3. susieant says:

    What a great trip. Lots of interesting experiences.

  4. kathy levin says:

    Here’s hoping you actually get to sleep on the sleeper train and that your Dehli Belly goes away soon! We are enjoying your blog so much! Love you.

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