Approaching Varanasi

A really special evening together before departing Orchha!

A really special evening together before departing Orchha!

Now on our 6th. day we take a sail boat down the Ganges River. It is a relaxing time as we follow the river currents. Our guides work hard moving us up the river and prepare a lovely dinner on the boat for us.


The plan was to camp out over night but the weather takes a turn for the worse, rain and lightning cause a change of plans. Anand makes the difficult decision of leaving early for Varanasi. Still it does not prevent the girls from having fun! Anand teaches everyone to play a game of tag, I forget the name, similar to “Red Rover” in America.IMG_0797

Another four of us have fallen ill with intestinal issues, I am one of them. Our first day here provides for a walking tour of the Old City. I skip it and spend the morning in bed. Mike surprises me with the purchase of two beautiful blankets from a visit to a local shop.IMG_0815 IMG_0825 IMG_0842 IMG_0846IMG_0813IMG_0804

I knew India as a country of great poverty and struggles but nothing had prepared me for the astonishing magnitude of it. Whether from village to village,or larger city life, the poverty, filth and disadvantaged are a constant. I am reminded to be grateful for the life I have. What also astonishes is the hope, perseverance and kindness of the Indian people.

Victoria in contemplation.

Victoria in contemplation.

In the evening we set off for a candle light flower ceremony on the Ganges. It is very beautiful and a special moment for us all.IMG_1879IMG_1903
Also we witness a ceremony which is hundreds of years old along the banks of the river. As always words cannot describe it, it must be experienced!  IMG_1962
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