Today we are in the countryside in the town of Orchha staying at Betwan Cottages for two nights. This will give us a chance to relax and take some free time to see the village at our own pace. IMG_1784

We have attended a puja ceremony at the local temple. The experience was ‘other worldly’ with hundreds of Hindu people attending.IMG_0093
This morning we took in the views from the Orchha Temple a very imposing and centuries old site near the  Betwa River. IMG_1950
We also visited the Orchha Palace which was gifted to a Mughal ruler. Our guide tells us the man never lived there but one night and then abandoned it.IMG_0095
Tomorrow we see a cooking demonstration in a local home and also visit a local farm.
You may not hear from me for a few days as we have a couple of adventures ahead. First an overnight train trip and then a sailing trip on the Ganges River!
So far, only two of our twelve travelers have become sick, one of them being Mike. He took all the recommended precautions but the “Delhi Belly” still got him. I have my fingers crossed!!
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5 Responses to Orchha

  1. Linda says:

    Never leave home without Cipro! Glad Mike is feeling better – sounds like a great experience!
    The ceremony sounded wonderful – so much to take in. Thinking of you!

  2. kathy levin says:

    Is it difficult to send pictures on this leg of your trip? Get well, Mike!

  3. Sara Rubin says:

    Ah the adventure continues… Great to hear from you. Stay well ! Best wishes for A speedy recovery for Mike. We love hearing about your trip:)

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