Agra and the Taj Mahal

Gladly leaving the the chaos of Delhi behind us, nonetheless I think it was the perfect place to begin this journey! As now, no matter where we travel it seems tame in comparison. It certainly did expose us to a flood of humanity beyond anything we could have imaged and on so many levels. Not even on our trip to China did we experience the sights and smells so profoundly. 

Now on to Agra and the Taj Mahal! So far the weather has been mild enough to allow us to enjoy our walking but we cover so much ground, my feet are still angry with me. We boarded a train this morning that was a nice reprieve. It was air conditioned and we had tea and breakfast served to us. Many locals, but no chaos except upon boarding. 

Three hours later us arrive in Agra. First we visit a palace built by Emperor Shah Jahan which the architect of the Taj Mahal also styled. IMG_1777

Next we got to the Agra Fort on the banks of Yamuna River. our guide was so informative it was just as amazing to hear the story behind the family saga!IMG_1778

IMG_1742 IMG_1763 IMG_1752

We proceed later in the day to the Taj Mahal and stay till sunset. His wife, Mumtaz, was one lucky woman even though she did die giving birth to their 13th. child! Phenomenal, brilliant, and moving monument to love.


I could not resist this capturing this India family enjoying the moment!

I could not resist this capturing this India family enjoying the moment!

Another highlight was meeting  beautiful little Aarushi on the train to Orchha. We became friends and as she spoke some English I taught her to play a hand-clapping game of “My boyfriend’s name is Tony…” She loved it! IMG_1773 (1)

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  1. Linda says:

    Hey Buddy, sounds like you are having a fabulous time! So happy for you, but hope those feet heal quickly. I can almost smell the teas and spices…and feel those cashmere rugs! You sound very relaxed and open to all that there is to experience. all is well here – I went on two long hikes over the weekend and went to a wedding. Rose had her eye shot today, but she is doing well. Weather is in the low 80’s – getting warm! I am praying for a beautiful experience for you and Mike.
    Much love, Linda

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