Our First Day in Delhi!

We arrive about 1am. The flights were sometimes a challenge but mostly manageable. Because of the early hour, the huge impressive airport was not the chaos I had been told about, but certainly full of lots of people. 

The moment I will  always remember is looking out the airplane window just before landing and seeing the vast expanse of darkness with lights speckled here and there, then pockets of lights that formed increasingly brighter and denser spots and then suddenly a brilliant, enormous region aglow with lights that looked like chattered crystals of glass. I guessed it might be the city of Varanasi with it’s million inhabitants but I will have to ask our guide today, it was stunning, so much so, that words or even a picture could not do it justice. It then faded back into the darkest landscape and finally we landed in India. 

Very beautiful wall installation at new Delhi airport!

After 6 hours of sleep we it the streets. A good portion of our morning was shopping for Kashmire carpets. A great adventure indeed!

Mike with our driver and Khan the wonderful fellow who sold us three rugs. (color not true to actual colors)IMG_1714

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4 Responses to Our First Day in Delhi!

  1. Sara Rubin says:

    I’m so happy that you will be sharing your adventures with us. Mike looks great ! Can’t wait to see your rugs. We need pics of you too ! Hugs, love & prayers,Sara

  2. kathy levin says:

    Another beautiful adventure for you two to discover new cultures and landscapes. Enjoy every minute! Love your blog writing and photos. XOXO

  3. Joanne Blatt says:

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Mary Lee Denton says:

    Hello Nilda,

    It occurred to me the other day that we would be able to enjoy your trip with you via your blog and your musings bring us such delight. Blessings on you and Mike.


    Mary Lee

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