A little more Delhi

The afternoon put some miles on our feet. I developed blisters already! We did have a wild ride through the streets of Old Delhi in rickshaws that almost make those blisters worth it!

We visited a Sikh Temple that feeds the poor three times a day.

The community volunteers make bread daily and they feed hundreds!IMG_1716

The markets were an event with shopping for spices and teas. The smells were so strong we had to cover our noses with scarves and it burned our eyes from the chili in the air. Even the locals coughed as they passed the stalls!IMG_1712

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One Response to A little more Delhi

  1. Joanne Blatt says:

    I ha e responded a couple of times, but for some reason it has not gone through. Maybe this time it will. It looks like you are having fun. Sorry about the blisters, they are not fun! Loved the picture of Mike in the rug store! Sending lots of love and prayers. Joanne

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