Winter Day Dreams

There stands my little ‘Rosalie’ statue out in my yard surrounded by snow that is taking it’s time to dissipate. Reminding me that things happen not on my timetable but in due course, in God’s timing! This I know for sure. Here I sit ready with all the anticipation of a New year ahead to begin 2015. I am making plans in my head of all the things I want to accomplish…but wait! Waiting is not on that list and yet wait I must. I have a serious cold that has settled me in bed to sleep and slow-down.

The past several years I have chosen to focus on a word or mantra rather than make a bunch of resolutions that weigh me down and mostly go unfulfilled. This year it will be BLESSINGS, count it ALL a blessing! So whether things look good or bad, I am up or down, I feel joyful or blue, there is pain or wellness, I will count it all a BLESSING! At this stage in my life I have learned to make plans but then let GOD be GOD!! And as I recognize that it all works to make me the person I am intended to be with all my imperfections, I count myself BLESSED! Winter day dreams aside I am looking forward to the sunshine again and the end of this cold ­čÖé


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