One foot in front of the other…



-Father Demetri Carellas

I continue to walk the trails of Sedona. I NEED TO BURN FAT! More than that I want to tone my body and amp up my metabolism and get in touch with my body on a daily basis. That was not always my goal as in my youth I was more interested in getting into my Calvin Klein jeans and looking good while doing it! But things have changed and now it’s all about living longer and better (well maybe looking good while doing it ;))


On Chicken Point


Dave and I continue to do well on our juicing program and the scale is going in the right direction! I added a tracking device to my daily routine which tracks your activity and your sleep patterns. It is proving really handy and effective, here is the website for the Fitbit, if you are curious. Over the years I’ve learn a few things about my workouts; I am a great starter but have trouble with the long haul, I don’t like group exercising and do better on my own, I do enjoy music to motivate me and I do best outdoors.


My indoor activities include knitting and I am keeping busy in the cold mornings by the fire and in my quilting studio. More pictures of quilts to come after the first of the year. Enjoy the fall weather!

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