Reality Check vs. Negative Self-Talk

We all do it, one is healthy and leads in a positive direction and one does not.11-neg

I sometimes think it would be so nice if my mind could be quiet and I could be totally present to the moment! But that is rarely the case, more often than not, my mind is constantly active and the self-talk never ends. In my last post regarding change and my intentions for losing my excess pounds, dated back in September, I had great resolve and fortitude. I would like to report that it has not wavered but the reality is, being an  emotional eater, I have allowed myself to fall back on old habits and negative self talk. In the past month I have spent time looking at my triggers, how to replace over-eating for comfort with better habits and how to be more forgiving of mistakes and setbacks, these have been my focus this past month.

This journey has always been my most challenging and I am still struggling to find the right plan of attack. Currently I have joined Curves and am following an exercise program that includes workouts and hiking (as weather permits). In the past I have had great success with juicing green drinks so while my son David is visiting we are doing a ‘detox-cleanse’ and will be accountability partners. If you’re curious about juicing check out Reboot with Joe here. Activity and diet go hand-in-hand, for me to be successful I cannot do one without the other. So far this is how the plan is developing and I can report that I am feeling better physically and mentally even though the weight loss has been minimal, the scale is going in the right direction 🙂

Hike on a cold November morning with my son David:photo

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2 Responses to Reality Check vs. Negative Self-Talk

  1. kathy levin says:

    I stand ready to be one of your hiking partners to share the journey with you! Love you.

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