Mom’s Visit to Sedona

She is “Mami” to me and always will be. Carmen Gudelia Velez Maldonado is presently 88 years old and going strong! I am blessed to have her visit for this month and we are having a wonderful time 2
Our days are relaxed and filled with shopping, gossip, novelas (soap operas), cooking and just being together and enjoying one another.
She is an excellent cook and I am especially interested in watching her cook the traditional dishes of Puerto Rico and learning as much as I can, knowing I will never match her flavors but I am hoping to try.
One of her specialties is Pasteles. Pasteles are a Puerto Rican dish often served at Christmastime. Plantains are grated into dough to be filled with meat (usually pork), and foiled with plantain tree leaves, so it can be boiled to cook the dough. They are a challenge to make and require experience to get the seasoning just right, but well worth the effort! My mom is an expert at it and each time she makes a batch they are coveted my the 1

We had a great day in the kitchen! Gracias Mami!!
P.S. This is NOT diet food 🙂

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2 Responses to Mom’s Visit to Sedona

  1. Sara Rubin says:

    What a wonderful way to spend some time together. I am so happy for you! Your mom is looking great . Wow 88 !

  2. Jo Berger says:

    What a delight to share such meaningful times together. Love it!!

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