Family Visit

This weekend we had a quick visit from my niece Vanessa, her husband Peter and their two sons, Peter Daniel and Zachary. It was a great time for Mike and I to have the house abuzz with kids laughter and the sound of pattering feet in and out of the house. One of the things we enjoy best about living in Sedona is sharing the beauty of our surroundings with visitors.

While Vanessa and Peter had been here before, it was the first time for the boys. They made good use of the short time here and did a variety of things. One morning as they were preparing for fishing down at the local creek, KABOOM! the sky broke open with a heavy rainstorm. But in Sedona, if you usually wait it out the sun comes shining through! Off they went on their adventure, unfortunately no fish were caught. Later in the afternoon we went out to Red Rock Crossing to wander along the creek there. The creek was very high and muddy but the scenery was beautiful. The boys also spent some time at the local Sedona Skate Park, taking their scooters (which we later discovered was not allowed, oops!)  they managed to have a great time, just as we did watching them.

Day two, I and the boys had a day together so their mom and dad could have a “Date.” While they went off to a local vineyard and lunch, we went to the park and then to see a movie, ‘Dolphin Tale 2’, then to the local burger place which disappointed because  it did NOT have a playground 😦 But all in all it was a great visit and we just wish it had lasted longer!

photo 2 photo

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