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Our time in New Mexico is coming to an end and we have had an awesome time! Found new favorite places to eat like La Cueva in Taos! An off-the-beaten-path, hole-in-the-wall, with the most delish dishes and the best latin music. Also the B & B there, which I mentioned previously, was one of the best we have stayed in. Beautiful, great location, reasonable, and not only did they serve breakfast but an afternoon tea with homemade items that were sumptuous!!

On the road to Colorado we spend our first night in Durango in a very forgettable place where we got very little sleep. Having left our New Mexican palate behind we opted for a fish dinner at the Red Snapper that did not disappoint. Mike was fueling up for his ride the next morning! He challenged himself to a 70 plus mile ride from Durango to Ouray! I followed a few hours behind in the car. Even driving the distance I wondered how he manages to enjoy such an adventure, somehow he does!photo 2

The landscapes are indescribable and breathtaking, and the wildflowers were plentiful! I wish my pictures could do them justice! So Mike arrives in Ouray safe and sound and extremely tired!! More pictures tomorrow!

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