Leaving Colorado…

It’s a bittersweet goodbye to Beth as we look forward to home but at the same time hate leaving Colorado.photoWe make a mental note to return again next summer! It was a great relaxed and comfy stay. Thank You Beth!

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2 Responses to Leaving Colorado…

  1. bmarcue says:

    Hi Nilda: I received the best package today! A lovely pair of hand-knit socks!
    Wow, I am truly honored to receive these …. I remember you telling me the story of your great group of women friends etc.(can’t say more). Thank you, thank you! I loved having you both stay with me, I will think of you and Mike and your visit each time I wear these delicious socks.

    • nildarcook says:

      So haapy you liked the socks, they should be coming in handy right about now! Checked your weather and it is on the nippy side ­čÖé
      Hope to see you again next year, in the meantime have a wonderful winter season!

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