The Little Town of Gunnison, CO

In the winter Gunnison can be one of the coldest towns in the nation! We first discovered it when our boys were young and we would come to Colorado on ski trips. Our first time here was to go ice skating on their frozen lake. This remains a favorite spot for vacations but now in summer or spring. Mike loves to ride in this area of wide open spaces and I can find great hiking trails.

This year we found the loveliest B & B right in the heart of town.



Beth Marcue hosts guests in a comfortable room walking distance from shops and downtown restaurants in a quiet neighborhood. She also provided a hearty breakfast and tended to us with warmth and useful advice about the area. She shares her home in a way that makes it memorable. You can find out more about the accommodations here

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One Response to The Little Town of Gunnison, CO

  1. Maria Picetti says:

    Lovely indeed!

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