Short but Sweet…

This weekend we had the opportunity to make a visit to Portland, Oregon. Mike had business there and I, never having been there, decided to tag along.  We were extremely fortunate to have great, warm, clear weather!

It was also a chance to visit with my beloved cousin Martin Velez (Champ) and his wife Eileen, both which I had not seen for many years. They have lived in Portland for a very long time and we’ve always have the intention of a visit, we finally made it happen!


While Mike took care of business, I immediately found my stride walking up and down the avenues, stopping at coffee houses, shopping, and of course taking advantage of “HAPPY HOUR” in the evenings with my husband!! Friday night We went to Jimmy Mak’s for jazz/salsa and dinner. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Also had dinner out at Casa Del Matador with my nephew Oly and his wife Jarani.

Like us, Champ and Eileen love the outdoors, so on the weekend we took a trek out to do some hiking near the Columbia Gorge River. Amazing great trails! Great company! Spectacular views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams! (Sorry I forgot to take photos, too awestruck! )
Also a pleasure meeting their beautiful brown-eyed daughter Lydia! I am certain I want to return! As I said, it was too short but a sweet visit! THANKS for your great hospitality!!

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