Together Again!

Springtime at Silverwood Lake

Springtime at Silverwood Lake

This morning my cousin Susie and I met up for a hike around Silverwood Lake. It was a beautiful, clear morning with just a hint of coolness to the air. It has been several months since we’ve seen each other and we have not hiked together since returning from the Camino de Santiago. It was great to be together again on the trail!

I am in California to attend the services of my uncle Mark and this afforded us some time to reminisce and share our thoughts on him, as well as share what has been going on in our lives, along with our goals and plans for the coming year. Susie is planning a BIG hike with friends Bobbie, Angelica and Mark to climb Mt. Whitney! She has tackled maybe 7 peaks so far in preparation for this climb and is continuing to challenge herself further as the August ascent draws near.

I am just beginning to return to the trails and am debating just where my next challenge will lead me. I have no desire to ‘do’ Mt. Whitney but I will keep you posted as to my next adventure. In the meantime you can read Susie’s Blog and follow her progress…I plan on blogging more often as the weather is perfect for hiking and Spring is perfect for picture taking!

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