Hitting the trail again!

I am happy to share that my leg has had a good long rest and appears to have mended nicely! I have returned to the trail and have had no pain nor inflammation but the true test will be when I do some consecutive longer hikes this summer. For now I am trekking again preparing for getting in shape and dropping the many pounds that returned to my body since my inactive winter. I am so ready to get fit once more!!

Another nice developement is that I have convinced my husband Mike to join me on the trails and consider doing a ‘Camino to Santiago’ as a couple sometime in our future. He has some issues with a bad knee so we will address that along the way. For now I can share some nice pictures of the trails in Sedona.




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5 Responses to Hitting the trail again!

  1. Jo Berger says:

    Happy to see you feeling better and getting out! Nothing like Spring to make you want to be close to nature.

  2. susieant says:

    Glad to hear your back on the trail once more. Beautiful Sedona.

  3. Rose says:

    Beautiful pictures! The Yosemite/Half Dome hike killed my knees, just above the knee cap it hurts while going downhill. I actually had to hike backwards down the last part of getting up to half dome! Paul just went ahead of me due to it was slow going. Lot’s of funny looks but that was the only way my knees did not hurt. Still feel something just going down stairs so at this time my “hard” hikes are on hold. Enjoy your beautiful Sedona and those hikes! Love the pictures!

    • nildarcook says:

      Yes Rose, I know what you are describing well. Don’t worry though with a little TLC and rest you will be on the trail again! It’s worth the aches & pains to experience the journey! Just like life !!

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