Spring Promises…

New Pavers

New Pavers

Janet's Baby Shower

Janet’s Baby Shower

DipticSpring is here, hooray! Left behind are the cold weather, the dry landscapes and the “flu bug”! Last month I spent a good part of the month with an upper respiratory infection and a cough that lasted over a month with a slow recovery.  (Yes, that was my excuse for not blogging).  Now Spring is here with promises of flowers in bloom, birds singing and Easter just around the corner.

Spring projects are also under way. We have an outdoor project of pavers going down on our driveway, back porch and side porch. I know this will make our visiting guest happy to no longer struggle with slippery gravel backing out of our property. It looks pretty darn nice too!!

One of the events that I wanted to share with you after the flu struck was the baby shower for Janet Martinez. She and Tyler will soon be the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy! Within the next week or so we expect the new arrival, “Oh, happy day!” I will have pictures I promise.

In the meantime here are a few photos of the baby shower. Can you guess what the theme was?

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One Response to Spring Promises…

  1. susieant says:

    The pavers look great. Life is good even with the bad days.

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