Saying Goodbye to Sara…

This was my last day with the Rubin’s and I am sad to leave. The visit was special, as special as my dear friends. Sara and Charley shared their warm hospitality and their beautiful city with me and I had a wonderful time!!

Yesterday we visited The Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland. It was stunning to say the least! The service, choir, architecture, I cannot say which of those was most beautiful and the mausoleum was jaw-droppingly beautiful. It was a very moving experience.

In the afternoon we visited a couple of local quilt shops.

Today we returned to the city and visited the Palace of Fine Arts and The Painted Ladies, returning to Alameda through Berkeley where we stopped for a late lunch at La Mediterranee. We then made a final stop at a great yarn shop , A Verb for Keeping Warm, what a great ending to a great visit!

I will miss my friend and all the good talks and shared experiences. Until we see each other again this summer I will hold our memories close~!



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One Response to Saying Goodbye to Sara…

  1. Rose says:

    Nilda, I enjoy when you share your trips and pictures… and I am so glad you are totally enjoying retirement!
    Rose Z.

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