Guess where I am?

That’s right San Francisco! I love this city and everything about it! Actually, I am visiting my dear friend Sara in Alameda for four days with  a side trip or two to THE city by the bay.20140201-221051.jpg

The weather has been amazingly mild and sunny. I arrived Friday and after Sara picked me up at the airport and we had a nice lunch, we spent the afternoon shopping! Today was another beautiful, sunny day so we visited the Conservatory in Golden Gate Park, originally opened in 1879, it is the oldest glass and wood greenhouse in the United States. Sara knows how I love gardens and she picked the perfect spot to share with me. We had a fantastic day!

We viewed a special exhibit of butterflies and flowers.

We visited the spectacular Japanese Tea Gardens and had some Miso soup as we lingered a while and took in the sights.

We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and took lots of pictures. Hope you enjoy them all!





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2 Responses to Guess where I am?

  1. Susie Flores says:

    Great photos. You look really good cuz. See you in a couple of months.

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