A Life Worth Loving…


We all want a life worth living but what about a life worth loving?

This past year has been one of the best years of my life! Not just because I traveled to places I’ve always dreamed of, not just because I challenged myself physically to become healthier and fitter, not just because I feel I have a better understanding of myself and the world surrounding me, but because I made space in my life to experience what really matters.

My husband is a list maker, a goal focused, New Year’s resolution kind of guy. Most years at the break of the new year we sit down and made a list of what needs to be accomplished this year… in the next 5 years… and looking towards retirement. I am always impressed, admiring his determination, but all the while uncertain of the value and reality of keeping on task and being able to accomplish such goals. I am not a list maker my nature!

I have my own path (we are SO… different), sometimes I miss the mark, it’s haphazard, and I don’t always get the intended results. That’s alright with me because I am not so much a goal-oriented person but a ‘process’ person. The question for me is almost always, “Did I enjoy the process?” The good news of this is that we balance each other and usually can meet in the middle (usually, not always). Sometimes it happens with conflicts, struggles and exasperation! More importantly we have a sense of humour and God at the center of it all.  After 42 years of marriage we must be doing something right because we are still crazy in love with each other and the life we have together:)

As a couple we are always looking to learn new things, get out of our comfort zones, stretch ourselves, all the while with the confident belief that anything is possible. We are on this path year by year. We will never arrive at a “goal”, but strive to tackle each challenge and to love our lives in the process. As you have followed this blog you have seen that that has been a large part of the journey! We are looking forward to 2014 in anticipation of a year that will awaken even more in us spiritually, mentally and physically. There’s a lot of growing room!  We are also fully aware we are in our so-called ‘declining years’, but we both feel the best year of our lives is within us and we cannot wait to share it with you all!

May 2014 bring you health, happiness, prosperity, wisdom, courage, joy and all your hearts desires. I think you all deserve a life worth loving…

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4 Responses to A Life Worth Loving…

  1. susieant says:

    Well said and Happy New Year. Looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities with God in the center of it.

  2. emma flores says:

    Very well said have great year. Love you lots

  3. Nilda, what a beautiful way to express the start of your year. And the picture of you and Mike is absolutely stunning. A life worth loving indeed. Praise be!

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